Eraco High Technology Quality Economic presents product and service.

The existing facilities keep continue their production activities with their experience and knowledge, as Chiller units, Adiabatic/Dry-Coolers, hybrid cooling systems and temperature controller units.

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Industrial Cooling Systems


Chiller Units

Chillers are divided into two group which has Air Cooled Chiller ( ERA-S / ERA-S2 / ERA-W and DCA series ) and Water Cooled Chillers ( ERW-S / ERW-S2 / ERW-W and DCW series ). Compact chiller units; R & D activities Details

kuru islak sogutucu

Dry / Wet Coolers

Free Cooler system units are covered as Dry-Coolers, Adiabatic Coolers, Cooling Towers and Extruder Film Inflation Coolers. These systems are control the process water temperature according to the Details

ısı kontrol cihazları

Temperature Controler Units (TCU)

Temperature controllers are divided into two main categories as oil and water operated. Oil operated systems are working up to 250°C and water operated systems are up to 90°C temperature. Temperature controllers are working Details

hibrit soğutma sistemleri

Hybrid Cooling System

Hybrid Cooling Systems are designed to environment-friendly and cost saving units, they are the combination of Free-Cooler and Chiller together in a same unit and control by the PLC automation system according to the ambient Detaylar

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